What are DATA SETS in Rubicon and Delphi 11?

Hi, When trying to parse UNICODE text between three [ four if you count the operating system] locales certain features come into play. Is the SQLite3 DB fully Unicode compliant if we say it uses “UTF-8”.
Is Delphi able to parse the UTF-8 strings from a selected/highlighted word in a TRichViewEdit FRAME object into a search that triggers a DB search in SQLite3 and that Rubicon 4 can then speed up this process by certain knowledge of optimization and produce an efficient retrieval of the result.
So, if a warning comes up after a certain number of button clicks [moving from word to word] that the DATASET is unsupported when using FireDAC-CONNECTION and FireDAC-Query then what is a DATASET ? More importantly, what are known bugs that produce this warning ? eg if R4 has this error when a Client-Data-Set is being used then the solution is to add rbCDS to the USES CLAUSE in the project.

For the record, Delphi 5-Rubicon-2-J-Write-Woll-2-Woll-InfoPower were used together successfully in an ANSI J-Write 32-bit customised text editor component to produce a helpful DUAL-EDITOR project with Paradox-7 DB.
The resolve now, is to achieve a UNICODE version of the DB DUAL TEXT EDITOR


This webpage offers some elucidation on DATASET connections/handshakes

DataSource has DATASET property for FDQuery

Here is a reference to the docs about FireDAC with SQLite, and if you scroll down to Working with Unicode and SQLite Databases then you will find the section about Unicode configuration details.


Please note UTF16 is the Windows standard charset for Unicode and recommended with recent Delphi for almost all use cases. UTF8 takes less space for some applications, but especially for multi-lingvo applications and anything on Windows where the API would be converting to UTF16 anyway, it makes sense to waste the space and use the wider string.

TDataSet in Delphi is a class which many database engines work with (thank goodness - lots of effort went into that). TDataSet is the parent class of many, many objects with special features. The source for TDataSet is included with Delphi.

Do you know that there is a system used by Embarcadero for tracking bugs and solutions? quality.embarcadero.com That is a useful place to search for error mesages and is the place to report a bug if you have a pure-Delphi repeatable situation.

And yes, TDataSource has a DataSet property. TFDQuery is a child class from TDataSet, so that works.

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I definitely agree with this but there needs to be error trapping for codes which are not 4-CHAR but rare ones which are 5-CHAR believe it or not, in the U+13000
Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic which will soon be adding a new UNICODE CHAR RANGE for HIERATIC [ cursive -Hieroglyphs… which are much easier to handle in computers … being more uniform in their design] I believe the Unicode Consortium is currently receiving applications for this.

Here is a hypothetical question…
If one suspects that there is incongruence between SQLite3 UTF-8 and UTF-16 in FireDAC… now another idea pops into my head…
what if I forgot to change DB linkages on the Dictionary_Editor page before compiling as Lajos and I have been making a lot of changes… I will check this more obvious possible oversight now.

9:13 PM
got it to work
added FireDAC_Stan_Param to USES clause of uMain_Grk5.pas
468, 469, 553, 554
and changed USES clause of uMain_Grk5.pas “uDictEditor” >>> “uDictEditor4”

now the DB_Manager [Dictionary_Editor] window opens again

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