WebHub Online Docs are back online

WebHub Online Documentation: https://webhub.com/dynhelp

ZaphodsMap and TPack help topics are included in this system by the way.

This web site is now protected by both AWS CloudFront and AWS WAF. It was also just recompiled with latest-Delphi, latest-WebHub, latest-Rubicon today.

Fingers crossed. It seems a lot more stable than any of my other attempts over many years.

If you have used it in the past, I would love for you to try it, try a few searches, and tell me what you think of the performance and whether you have any problems.

It uses a WebHub session cookie. Most of the pages are fully cached, which you can tell from the page footer, if it says the user agent is Amazon CloudFront that is proof. Your searchresults should be your very own, very private, never cached.

For those on a low budget, the other interesting thing is that this EC2 instance is a currently a t3.micro launched originally years ago from windows server core, i.e. the NON-GUI version of Windows server. DynHelp.exe runs as-service. All setup and maintenance is done with powershell and cmd. I do still run CodeSite Dispatcher as-service on the box, and log to .csl files, and if I need to analyze something, I download the CSL and then read it locally.