Trying to USE TrbUpdate from manual for R4 mentions rbTable not found

I tried copying an old EditWord.pas file from Rubicon2 project into my D11 Project… however, it says rbTable not found… How do I implement rbUpdate without it ?

cheers Blavatsky

Rubicon Update is a work in process at the moment, because… (big reason) because that which was fairly easy when a table was a single file and all the relevant users were working on the same LAN, has become complex to solve for the general case where datasets are really query results and there could be 10000 edits in a second from around the globe.

Rubicon 2 was optimized for win32 Paradox 7 in year 1999. The source code from Rubicon 2 does not apply directly in year 2023.

We are still working on the Update functionality for current conditions.