Troubleshooting the BAT files that run in step 2 during install

This BAT file, r_setup\RbcAssistant_02_Run-Bat-Files.bat, runs RbcAssistant.exe in the same folder with a parameter that makes it iterate through all the custom BAT files on disk. For example, for Delphi 11 aka D28, there would be some custom BAT files in this folder:


If you are stuck at this point, please attach back a copy of 1 of your custom BAT files, preferably for bridge K FireDAC. I will put in a few edits for you, and explain how one can investigate what is going wrong. The default mode of the BAT files is ‘echo off’ which means you will not see much while they run. This can be easily changed, and, extra detail can be send to CodeSite logging.

Please also confirm whether you have CodeSiteConsole.exe in the r_setup folder or elsewhere on your disk.