rbUpdate the Son in the HOLY TRINITY

Hi Ann, sorry for the pun on Make, Search, Update.
Well, with R4 I have been helped using FireDAC and SQLite…and, thus far , save a few hiccups along the way…
things have been educational. I went to use the rbUpdate
DEMO and it failed to compile. uConnect.pas was missing and another error… as I know you are busy… when you get some time can you have a look at FireDAC Update DEMO and see if you can fix it for me.
Then, hopefully, I shall be learning GREEK.
Otherwise, I have to tinker with ADO and the IB Objects which are “fiddly” for me. I would like to try and keep everything FireDAC and SqLite for now, if that’s alright.

Kind regards


Thx for explaining your pun because I did not get that ! Ha.

I do agree that update is critical. I will find time to look at the update demo again.

Meanwhile re learning Greek, this may not be the type of advice you are looking for, but I went down that road for conversational Greek with the Pimsleur system and found that to be extremely helpful, in combination with an “A-B recorder” app on my android tablet, for repeating short sections many times. ( It’s an audio course, primarily, not so much a visual course. ) My partner also used a Windows app called Transcribe which lets you slow down audio without messing up the pitch.

I definitely support your leaning toward FireDAC and away from ADO.

More news when possible. Thank you for your questions.

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Thanks Ann,
I await the rbUpdate