Problem installing Rubicon 4 on Delphi 11.1 win10 64-bit

I tried for first time to use Rubicon 4 on Delphi 11.1
I discovered that all the Rubicon 4 Drivers are missing from the component Palette. What folder do these R 4 Driver files normally get put in ? so, I can check to see if they are there …
I get error code “216” 6D3D813E

Hello Lajos,
I followed all the instructions… same thing does not work.

same 216 error and DEMO makes error when I try to do a search. Something about “jpeg error #42”.

First I uninstalled Rubicon (Control Panel - Programs…)
After that I dropped the Hreftools folder and the ZaphodsMap folder. Alert: It is very important to drop this folder too.
I restarted Windows
I begun setup of Rubicon v.4072 (do not start Delphi before this)
Choose only Delphi 11
6.From “Database Bridges” choose only ADO, FireDAC and Interbase Express (the first three)
Next, Next, Choose folder for Hreftools - Rubicon…
Let to start the demo ShowCase-Recipe project and at end is all right
Restart Windows
Open Delphi and all HrefTools components are there (bridges and all others)

I even tried upgrading from Win 10 Home 64-bit to Win 10 Pro 64-bit … but no luck installing Rubicon 4

You will not believe the troubles I have had trying to install and get working correctly other developmental / compiling software.

When Creativity is easy to access and censorship by corruption ends… may we enjoy Peace and Joy !

Thankyou for all your kind help Ann and Lajos.
Just a moment ago this website tried to stop me from posting. If it happens again I will start screenshotting all weird behaviour on my computer.
Even the software I used for screenshotting has been interfered with, anyway I still manage to get by.
Have a nice day everyone.

I can confirm that the version of Windows is not the issue, Delphi runs the same on Home edition and Pro edition. I would generally recommend Pro for developers.

Hi Richard, You might be the first to try the install on Windows 11.
When you say ‘folder’ do you mean Windows directory rather than where on the Delphi palette, right? All the Rubicon core files will install into the r_core subfolder of whichever folder you target during installation. If you install bridge K for FireDAC, you will find a rubicon PAS file in r_core with k in the filename. Etc for the other bridges.
I think we call ‘drivers’ ‘bridges’ these days.

At what point in the Setup process did you get the error code 216?

Is this jpeg error #42 happening in the Recipe demo?