ZaphodsMap questions

Hi Ann,

Incidentally, what is the latest Win64 version of ZMAdmin? I was able to dig up an old 2009 version v1.0.9 :smiley:

Is there a newer version, is there a location where I can get access to the ZMAdmin source code, SVN perhaps? Then I can see about porting it to FPC/Linux.

Do you specify anywhere the instructions for creating a Linux environment variable?

Also is there a way to programmatically validate the ZaphodsMap setup is correct?


You have the latest ZMAdmin.

ZMAdmin by itself shows the raw config. With command line parameters, it can load very custom panels. That is what happens for WebHub and Rubicon. I guess you want the custom panel support? I know that the project is under construction. Maybe toward June I can get you svn access.

The wiki on defi itely has instructions for setting the env var. Look for a link that lets you view all pages of the wiki, then it will be obvious. There are less than 10 pages total for the Zaphods Map wiki.