WebHub for FPC/Lazarus (Linux)

The WebHub paradigm is unsurpassed.

Does WebHub offer any support for Linux, perhaps through FPC/Lazarus?
Are there any plans towards that goal?

Welcome Ronan and thank you for the compliment. I still see significant advantages to our paradigm and to good old object pascal.

I always intended to bring WebHub to Linux and a lot of work was done on that. I was stuck with some issues and never had a chance to re-test with newer Delphi and newer FPC. FPC has come a long way and Jason @IBObjects has been encouraging me in that direction. The problem is that I have not found the time to give the Linux platform testing any real attention in years.

I have used Ubuntu personally as my primary boot-up O/S since at least year 2016, and I run quite a few servers on CentOS and Ubuntu, for database, subversion, misc things that need to happen.

What are your main reasons for the request? O/S pricing? Object Pascal pricing? Featureset within the Linux world ?


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Hi Ann,

Yes it’s both pricing, reuse of existing code, and frustration having to learn what I know is inferior.

I wish to run WebHub daemon on Raspberry Pi, maybe on NixOS Linux distro, or maybe inside docker containers.

What will it take for picking up this project again?

Best regards,

Would your project be one where the pages are available to the public or one where the user logs in and then has access to information ? Or both

Apache for the http server ?

Will you be doing a pure REST API or traditional WebHub pages with their content ?

Do you already have the application working on Windows ?

I really don’t know how to say how much work is required. I know that I cannot even think about looking at it before June 2022, and, I want to do it.

I have DUnitX tests for TPack from maybe 5 years ago, and those were meant to succeed on Linux but did not in the Delphi at the time. I can give you svn access to that and if you want to give me some simplistic pass/fail feedback using current Delphi and/or current Lazarus, that would be a place to start.

Thanks for the question. :slight_smile:

Hi Ann,

I will be using WebHub both to serve dynamic multi language page content, and expose REST APIs.
My secure whapp will run on Raspberry Pi hardware and will control external hardware that streams video.

I can certainly help testing. TPack sounds like an excellent place to start. As per your suggestion, please grant me svn access.

http server?

  1. Apache - probably/maybe at first. I don’t want to complicate things, although have to look at the performance for my use case.
  2. Nginx ideally, is my thinking at the moment.

Best regards,

For any svn access requests, for TPack or Rubicon, make sure you have a (free) account at https://riouxsvn.com and then send us your username (not email but username) via https://www.href.com/contact to Beth Kent in Customer Service.

Nginx looks great.

I will be off-air for most of April, dealing with family matters in USA Northeast. I will do my best to stay in contact here, but realistically, it’ll probably be a quiet, slow April.


Hi Ann,

Ok, thanks for the heads up. I have made the request for svn access.

Best regards,

SVN access granted. Make sure you are seeing emails from marcomm at href.com (2 emails in past week).

Just sent you the svn checkout URLs.


H Ann,

Yes, I see the code now. Thank you.

I see you have used DUnitX as your testing framework. Now FPC is not supported by DUnitX , I am wondering how can we be sure the tests will pass on FPC?

Best regards,

I looked up one,

It is for Delphi only.

Check the syntax in one of the tpack tests.