Hello Ann,
I was wondering if ways could be listed to troubleshoot DATASET not found warnings…

  1. DM for searching using TRIGGER in Rubicon transactions
  2. DM for for retrieving results into DB-Objects from Rubicon
  3. Better ways to use CODESIGHT in conjunction with error trapping
  4. is EUREKA LOG mapping helpful ?

What about good old fashioned debugging from the IDE? Usually that is more efficient than EurekaLog, if you can reproduce an error 100%.
I am a big fan of CodeSite logging. You will see that some of the Rubicon PAS files have IFDEF LogRubicon in them. That means, if you want more logging, you can have it by defining that and doing Project Build.
Defining that ==> Project Options and find your way to ALL TARGETS (not just win32 Debug but first make sure you select ALL targets) and then fill in the Conditional Define of CodeSite;LogRubicon. Reference

All the usual things about CodeSite apply. Run CSDispatcher before your EXE. Always Project > Build when changing any conditional define.

If you turn on that much logging, the log will be very busy. You can search it for your error message and you can also create a View within the CodeSite log where you only tick messages type Error, Warning, Exception and that should be much easier to follow.

Having said all that, I would guess that you are missing a relatively small step in the project creation, something that tells the WordsLink or TextLink where your data is.

Hi Ann, yes Lajos and I are getting closer to a solution.
The DB linkage with R4 seems to work , even if rudimentary… filtering could help
eg word.caption CHARCOUNT = rbWord.CHARCOUNT
or something along those lines to narrow search to more desired result… instead of first match with wild cards so to speak
. 2) The DB Manager page no longer opens…
error message when I click RUN and then click OPEN Dictionary_Editor button… “ACCESS VIOLATION”