Sound check - welcome - saying hello

Breaking new ground here… please feel free to introduce yourself…

Which version of Delphi do you use? Vcl and/or FireMonkey? Which platforms? Which DBMS?
What type of project are you working on most these days?

These details are very interesting to us here!

Hello! It is singularly odd to write an introduction to potential future visitors before anyone has joined.
This “topic” exists because I thought it might be good to have a place for joining and making ourselves known to each other. Please feel free to jump in and say as much or as little as you want about yourself.

I co-founded HREF Tools in 1995. I code in Delphi every week, usually every day. I’m not an expert but I feel fairly fluent and have encountered much of the terrain around component design.

I’m basically here to help you with any of our products and to facilitate growth of your projects and this niche of the object pascal community.



I’m a freelance Delphi developer based in the UK. I first used rubicon 10 or 12 years ago and have used it on a number of projects since with Oracle, MSSQL, DBISAM and NexusDB back ends and various versions of Delphi from 7 thru to 10.3.
The biggest project I used it on in terms of data was indexing the text extracted by OCR’ing hundreds of thousands of pages of commercial aircraft maintenance documentation. While I have a pretty good idea of how it works I’m still amazed by the speed of the search results.
If I had one tip for newbies to rubicon it would be to make sure your IDs are as contiguous as possible, if you have big gaps it seems to affect performance and accuracy of progress reports (something that could be improved by the way). If IDs in are auto-inc or identity fields with gaps I generally add a rubiconID column specifically for this purpose and populate that from 1 to n immediately before indexing.


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Hi Dave,
This is Peter. I help Ann with customer support. Ann spoke to me about your project. It sounds very impressive- and it must be a major help to keeping airplanes safe. If you ever have the time or interest to talk about your product via Skype or Zoom let me know and I’ll setup a meeting.
Peter Murad

Hi all–total Rubicon newbie here. I took advantage of the DelphiCon offer and am looking forward to playing with this product in a couple of months (after I crawl out from a couple of big projects). I don’t have an immediate need for full-text search but have many ideas where it would a big bonus feature. I’ll be checking out demos and videos–and listening to others’ stories!

I support a variety of legacy projects, a couple of small ones in Delphi 7, a large one in Delphi XE, and work with retail point-of-sale plugins and integrations using Delphi 10.4.

I’m most interested in developing new mobile apps in Delphi 11 to access REST servers that are currently used for standard client/server apps, providing powerful new tools for customers to access their data in new ways. That’s where I think Rubcon could shine!


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Hi All - a Rubicon user from about 20 years ago, but haven’t used it since then. Have a use for it in a job management system I’m planning on building in a few months so will hopefully get back then.

Cheers, Bob

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Hi Peter
Super busy at the moment so not really time. The application is more to do with ease of transition of airframe assets from one owner to another - the ability to quickly and easily access the documentation to prove that everything that should have been done and has claimed to have been done from a maintenance point of view. The old way was to wade through mountains of paper - which is still how much of it is done. The other use is after an incident, investigation is much quicker!
Rubicon was (and still is) used in the portable exported version - one or many airframe’s data can be exported to DVD or stick. A Delphi 7 (!) application sitting on a DBISAM (!) database with potentially millions of pages of OCR text with a rubicon index. Instantaneous search results, each result on double click presents the original scanned page with the found word highlighted.
Classic bit of ancient Delphi code still working…

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I stumbled on a Rubicon project from year 2011. Just sharing one screen because it has a very nice design and might give some inspiration about custom searching.


This was made with Firebird 2.5, IBObjects, Delphi VCL and WebHub.