New test of relationships between posts

Welcome everybody. The reason of this topic is to test the relations between posts and find the trees

Starting first discussion, first message from “mateklajos”, create via “Blue Reply” button

Starting second discussion, fist message from louisbarber created via “Blue Reply”

Reply with “Right Reply” button for the first discussion from “mateklajos”, created via “Blue Button”

The reply with “Right Reply” to the second discussion, created by “louisbarber”, which is in fact the “sibling” of the post, which is created via “Quoted Word”, please see the differences

Reply to the first starting discussion, to the first message from “Mateklajos” with “Quoted Word”

This is reply to the second discussion starting via louisbarber, using Quoted Word

New reply to the second discussion with Right Reply

Thirs reply with Quoted word to the first discussion, where is post_number=2

Reply to the post 4 with Quoted Word

Reply to the post 4 with Right Reply