Check Unicode characters in string?

Hi Ann,

It looks like DynHelp is not available,catalog=Units

Does TPack perhaps offer any help to determine if any of the following Unicode characters exist in a Unicode string?

! " # $ % & ’ ( ) * + - , / : ; <= > ? @ [ ] \ ^ ` { } | ~


RegEx can handle an OR search. Slow but possible.
Delphi has regex built in these days.

The server was offline for a “rest.” I find that once in a while, if the server has been at 99%, the only way to get back your CPU credits with AWS EC2 is to power it off for a couple of days. Or throw money at the problem.

Or, put AWS CloudFront + WAF ( Web App Firewall ) around it, which is my next step for dynhelp.


Ok, thanks Ann.

Best regards,

Hi Ronan.

The CloudFront experiment for WebHub DynHelp has started. It might take a while for the DNS to ripple.

I have now wrapped in CloudFront for almost all its URLs. I’ll give that a few days to settle. Perhaps try it Monday of next week. You should see much better stability and speed. The searches will all still be dynamic but the pages themselves, especially anything specific that has been bookmarked, should be very fast from CloudFront.


I spoke too soon. I decided to transfer the domain registration; the DNS is in flux.

FYI for @ronan and maybe others …

The domain has moved to AWS and I finally realized what the problem was. DNSSEC has to be disabled and the parent-domain signing keys have to be deleted BEFORE changing to another name server. This is obvious in retrospect.

The apex is currently resolving to the cloudfront distribution. Performance is much faster.

Some devices which had been attempting to use recently might still need to wait or clear their dnscache.

I think this is a big step forward. The next piece is to add AWS WAF Web Application Firewall to the CloudFront distribution and see whether that successfully deals with unwanted bots.